IT Facilitator

Purpose of Position
The Facilitator/Mentor is responsible for the actual performance of the academic function of their area of expertise and the subject/s that they must offer. S/he bears overall responsibility for ensuring that the tasks listed below are carried out.
The purpose of this position is to implement policies relating to teaching, learning and assessment and to successfully perform the entire tuition, service and administrative delivery of the relevant programmes.

Key Result Areas and Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the Facilitator/Mentor include:

1 Academic Development
• The conduct of tutorials, practical classes, demonstrations, Mentorship and field excursions.
• Feedback for Upgrade of study material.
• Acting as Subject Coordinators.
• Preparation and delivery of lectures and seminars.

2 Academic Function (Learnership and Microsoft courses)
• Annual upgrade of programme content
• Conduct assessments
• Direct participation in teaching, learning and research activities.
• A range of administrative functions the majority being connected with the modules in which the academic lectures.
• Consultation with students.
• Learner POE assessment and moderation.
• Mentorship

3 Student Records and Academic Monitoring
• Academic monitoring (including attendance) and maintenance of student records in consultation with the administrative staff
• Prepare Assessments
• Marking / moderation of tests and examination papers as requested and Supervising of Learner projects

4 General Programme Management
• Attend regular departmental staff meetings
• Participation in updating of departmental policies and procedures
• Hard and electronic filing of all documentation for audits;

Qualifications and experience:
• Hons Degree in Computer Science or Similar
• MICT SETA Assessor / Moderator
• 3 Years Facilitation or Lecturing IT experience

Key Technical Competencies:
• Web development
• Database Design & Implementation
• C# Programming

Functional/Technical job skills:
A level of accomplishment in the following areas is required:
• Administrativeskills
• Strategic ability
• Organisational ability
• Planning and administrative ability
• Problem solving
• Communication skills

Personal Competencies § Excellent interpersonal skills / the ability to work as part of a team , Approachability , Assertiveness , Composure
• Customer focus
• Creativity and innovation
• Stress tolerance
• Leadership
• Initiative
• Motivation, patience and tolerance
• Conflict management skills

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